maandag 26 augustus 2013

IJshockey spelen met 1 hand

"Een handicap is alleen een beperking als je dat zelf toestaat."
Dat zegt ijshockey-speler Scott Stafford in onderstaande video.
Scott is geboren zonder linkerhand, maar dat heeft hem niet tegengehouden om ijshockey te gaan spelen.

(Stafford was born without his left hand, lost when the umbilical cord was wrapped around it before birth. This disability, if you want to even consider it as such, hasn't stopped Stafford from playing hockey and playing it pretty well. So well that he is making a real impression on the Cutthroats' coach.
We have seen one-handed athletes before in pro sports as Jim Abbott did it in baseball for a long time, and did it well as a pitcher. But in hockey it's a little tougher because you need both hands on the stick to get any kind of serious control of the puck. Stafford has found his own way to deal with this and as you can see in the video above,he can lead a rush up the ice pretty well and finish with a good wrister.)

Bron: CBS Sports

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