donderdag 2 mei 2013

Blokfluit spelen met 1 hand

Aulos C soprano 7 piece recorder, for players with finger disabilities - a person with any six usable digits (including thumb) can play an entire chromatic scale from C" to A"'. Dark brown recorder, with ivory trim. Similar to the 400217 model (available separately), but with seven pieces; a distinct advantage is that a student can use this recorder with adapted fingerings but the instrument will look just like the recorders other students are playing. With the head piece, there are six separate sections for holes, fitting smoothly into one another. By rotating the holes and plugging certain holes, the recorder can accommodate fingers that are missing or do not function normally. Various fingering options are given, from using 5 fingers from one hand and one from the other, to using 3 fingers from each hand. Once adjusted for an individual's hand, the sections may be glued into permanent position.
This is a standard size recorder (13" long) and is only available in dark brown with ivory.Includes a snap-top brown leatherette carrying bag; glue for securing the segments; cleaning rod; fingering chart; joint grease; and detachable thumb rest.  

***Please note: if the glue dries out before the recorder is glued in place, or if extra glue is needed, DO NOT use Superglue. The adhesive that comes with this recorder is most similar to model airplane glue.

Bron: WestMusic

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